The Increasing Popularity Of Henderson, NV

Henderson is a city just a short drive from the southeast portion of the city of Las Vegas. It is located in Clark County and is now only second to Las Vegas in population. They boast almost three hundred thousand residents that live there year-round. It gained increased notoriety when Forbes listed it as the second-safest city to live in inside of the continuous United States.

Before World War II there wasn’t much population at all, but due to the demands of the war, there was a magnesium plant built that very shortly after became one the country’s largest suppliers of the mineral. Many towns that bloomed due to short term needs such as war see a quick demist shortly after their original need is exhausted, and that was almost the case for Henderson as most of those that came for the work left town after the war had ended.

The United States government offered the entire area up for sale and the Colorado River Commission saw an opportunity to bring new industry to the state. By 1953 Henderson became incorporated and elected their first mayor, Dr. Jim French.

The area continued to grow through the years, with a focus on industry as it was able to provide secure employment for the residents and brought more people looking for a new opportunity. That changed, however, after a serious industrial accident almost literally leveled the city. A factory known as PEPCON exploded, which then led to multiple explosions after that, shattering the windows of homes and businesses and even leading to earthquakes. One of those earthquakes measured at a 3.0, which only gives a small glimpse into how serious the event was.

This led to a transition in the focus of the area from industry to commercial and residential development. A great deal of commerce is devoted to catering to those that wish to visit Las Vegas, but do not want to either spend the money necessary to stay in the city or are looking for a different scene.

If you have traveled to Nevada but have not been to Henderson it is something worth experiencing. You will be just 16 miles from Las Vegas, but you get to enjoy the safety of one of the safest cities in the country as well as a more relaxed experience overall. This is one city that is sure to leave you feeling welcome.